eM Client 7 wishlist

Are you already working on the next major update for eM Client, eM Cleint 7?
If so, here is my personal wishlist with must-have features:

Hi Peter,

Yes, eM Client is already working on version 7.

You can find it on Facebook (I don’t have the link right now, because I’m not using Facebook), but it’s somewhere here on the forum, and I assume Facebook also supports searching for ‘eM Client’.

Hi, yes eM client version 7 is currently in development, you can check out the UI preview on our facebook page here.

Hope this helps,

Paul it seems that v7 it just an overhaul of the UI (again). What new features will be inside?

The grouping feature is nice to have but not really needed.

The full list of features has not been released yet, but the upcoming version should include conversation view, delayed send and many other features.
However please note it’s release is nowhere near yet, so please be patient, you’ll get all the information when the time is right.

Thank you,

Could you please tell us when you are expect release new version? 

Thank you

Hi Jaroslav, no date has been set yet, but the release is not expected any sooner than Q1/Q2 2015.

Thank you,

Thank you! Already looks good!
Please make sure to include a coherent handling and keep us up to date.