eM Client 7 Scrollbar Issues

I routinely have my view for email to be the Unified Inbox. I will then routinely move email items to folders in one of my 4 email accounts. I have found that in eM Client v7 that when trying to select just scroll bar next to the folder list, it will always switch to the last account folder that had been viewed taking the view away from the Unified Inbox.

While the scrollbar is not visible, which actually makes selecting it very difficult, I have been very careful in trying to select it. I know that I am selecting the scrollbar as the folder list will move to indicate that I selected it higher or lower than the current selection area, however, the folder being viewed will always change the last viewed folder.

I have been able to replicate this issue. This issue did not exist in eM Client v6.

My guess is that this issue would be resolved if they would make the scrollbar visible at all times (and a little wider to allow easier access in selecting it).

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