eM Client 7 RC - translation PT-BR vs. PT-PT

I’ve just installed eM Client 7 RC over previous stable version (6), and one of the issues I’ve noticed is that, despite my language settings are configured as Portuguese (Brazil), all text messages in the application are shown in Portuguese (Portugal). If you need help on translating eM Client, I think I can do it.

Hello, we don’t have Portuguese (Brazil) localization yet for version 7. It is only for version 6 currently. If you are able to help with it, we would really appreciate it. If you do, please send me a message to burger@emclient.com.

Yes, i can confirm that. I ́m using the payware 7 version and i noted the lack of pt-br localization too. If help is needed (still) please let me know. Aside that, congrats on the 7 release.

we can always use help on the localization, please contact my colleague at wilson@emclient.com if you still want to help.


Hi! Just finished the PT-Br translation and sent the file to eM Client staff appreciation. Let ́s hope everything is ok and we see it soon available to everybody. Thanks Mr. Wilson and Ms. Olivia with the support.

Please! Someone from emClient staff confirm receiving the file? Got no reply from anyone untill now.

Last try: anyone from STAFF can verify the reception of the file i sent with PT-BR translation PLEASE? Any contact thru e-mail has no answer.

Just a confirmation please, to see if the time in this work is not wasted.