EM Client 7 Feedback/Questions

  1. Is there a setting somewhere to make the newest “Conversation” messages appear on top instead of on the bottom? For example, if there are 5 previous replies, the newest reply is on the bottom and you have to scroll up to see the old messages. This should be reversed (my preference) with old messages on the bottom and new messages on top. I already have the “Set default date sort order” to “New messages on top” but it doesn’t affect the conversations.

  2. Dark theme looked good but it’s too hard to differentiate between read/unread emails so I had to switch back to the Classic theme. 

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for the feedback.

If you are referring to how conversations are grouped in the message detail, there is unfortunately no setting and there are no plans for changing this. This is a standard way of displaying conversation where you see the newest message first and when you want to have a look at the older messages, you scroll up and see them as a sort of ‘table of content’ of the conversation in question.

We’re sorry if the dark theme makes it hard for you to differentiate between the read/unread e-mails, we felt that the bright orange dots next to unread messages make them sufficiently discernible.