Em Client 6

Received a email on Sep 23 that version 6 will be released a in a few weeks Well a month has passed and I see no reference to a version 6

Yes, I’m also waiting.


few weeks is still in place, we plan to release it until end of autumn, possibly in late November.

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And the beta version?

should be released this week.

Guess our understanding of a “few” is different, that’s 8 weeks?. No worries, will patiently wait.

I see, but do not worry - it will be out :slight_smile:

Will the new version support outlook.com?

outlook.com is supported in current and older versions already.

It is just renamed Hotmail.com, only problem is with tasks and events which will be supported in next release.

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Thanks for the reply, but looks like the bug with draft messages is still unresolved. I need the capability to edit drafts between mail programs.



this issue should be resolved in 6th version beta, I myself have no problems with it.

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