eM Client 6 memory usage

Hi all.

I’ve compared memory (RAM) usage of eM Client 6 and Outlook 2013 and found them frustrating. From the start +- reading 2 emails both of them use ~250 MB. After several hours online and working with emails eM Client 6 uses ~350 MB.
I thing the numbers are somewhat high. Memory usage on par with more heavier Outlook is strange for me. Or may be i am wrong and it was expected?
BTW my system is Windows 7 x64.

Hello Idris, it’s not possible to say how much RAM the application should be using, it depends on what the application is currently processing, if it’s updating your folders or sending a message. The application includes features that clear unwanted or unneeded memory, so there are moments where the application may be using more than needed, however should be able to clear that problem automatically.

After some more time eM Client went from 350 back to 250 MB. Anyway, RAM is cheap now and .NET is not that thin, so this is not a major issue.