eM Client 6 edit subject line

I’ve been setting up what I believe is the latest version of the program (6.0.19861.0) which the release notes say is able to do subject editing. But as of now no joy!

Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing - I receive a number of emails with the generic subject line of “Account activity” but need to change this to something more specific to the content of the message. I have tried several different ways to change the subject but none of them stick.

Other than this one issue the program seems to be working flawlessly, unfortunately not having this ability would be a deal breaker.

Well I figured out the “secret handshake” to get this working. After editing the subject line you have to click in the main body of the message and then close it for the changes to take.
After getting this to work it was a case of - Take your hand, palm facing you, and plant firmly on forehead.

Hi, I am not sure what exactly do you need, but this seems like you want to have functionality which would allow you to edit subjects automatically.

Unfortunately that is not possible and we do not plan in close future to change it.


John - thanks for the reply but the question I was asking was about manually changing the subject line on a per message basis. Fortunately after posting the question I had stumbled on the way to accomplish this and posted an update to the original question.


Hi, could you be more specific how you have solved it? I am quite confused from your answer.


The solution was very simple once I found out what had to be done.

First click on the subject line and type in whatever changes need to be made, then simply click anywhere in the body of the message to remove the focus from the subject line and then close the message and the changes to the subject line will be saved.