eM Client 6 edit subject line

It seems to be that changes (edits) of the subject line are only stored localy. 
In other mail clients/mobile devices etc. only the former subject s still to see. Even if the subject was edited in em client before the other mail client did download the origin message the changes of the subject doesnt take effect. 

In my Opinion the subject editing feature should work in the way that the changes are transfered to the imap server and so stored permanently and would be reachable with all devices and client.

Is there a posibility to get the described feature?
Many thanks!

Hi, this seems to be an issue with the application, I’ve successfully replicated the issue and I’ve reported it to the developers.
The change is supposed to be uploaded to the server and synchronized with other devices through IMAP.

What mail service are you having issues with?

Thank you,

Hi, i’ve tested  with the imap mailserver by web.de and another mailserver by zeus09.de . As clients i used  opera’s mail on Windows7 and smartphone with androids mail applikation.
em client is for testing installed on 2 W7 PC.

When changing the subject and confirm the question in em client the program send’s data to the imap server and opera show that a new message is arriving.  But in fact the old (subject changed) message is only  marked as unread in opera. The old subject ist still there. In both  em clients you can change the subject but  it with will be “overwriten” with the original subject in that moment in the other em client the subject is changed.

It seems to be that em client cannot write an imap server but em client sets the message as new or to be resychronzid to the ather clients.

As write i tryed two different mail servers. Thatswhy i dont think it depends on the imap mail server wether it works or not…

Hi again, as I mentioned I have replicated the issue and I’ve reported the issue to the developers, it will be fixed in future releases.
Latest internal versions only save the new subject locally and don’t upload the change, but it keeps the change locally.

Thank you for your input on this, I’ll try to keep you posted when a fix for the issue is released.