eM Client 6.0 update is sending my emails before I am finished composing! Help!

I just upgraded to 6.0.19714.0. While I am composing emails, the eM Client sends it before I am finished! This can result in serious misinformation, misunderstandings, miscommunications and wasted time and effort to explain it away. Help! I chose eM Client 5.0 on this report since 6.0 is not an option :-/

Hi, this is happening on 6th version only for you, so you do not want to use it? Do you have by any chance set custom shortcut which you use and then email is sent, or is there anything that you do before it is send?

eM Client can’t send emails on it own - it has no code for that - so I need to find core of this issue somehow and if you could try to find if it is random or you have to do something before it would really help me.


For example, when I’m composing an e-mail and I press [ctrl] + [enter], I get a question of eM Client whether I want to use [ctrl] + [enter] as a short cut to send the e-mail I’m composing.

I don’t want my e-mails to be sent when I (accidentally) press [ctrl] + [enter], so I selected ‘no’ to this question.

Maybe you’ve selected ‘yes’ to this question and are sometimes pressing [ctrl] + [enter] when you compose an e-mail?

Hi, do you still have this issue?