eM Client 5 hangs up completely with some emails opened in preview pane

eM Client hangs completely with certain emails selected and previewed. I can’t do anything, even after a few minutes, it does not react and I even cannot close the program. I have to kill the process in task manager.

The emails are in Spanish and have a subject like: “Deteccion de Necesidades de Capacitacion DNC //*66919013425”
Sender is “Los Mejores Cursos para el Sector Empresarial” with the email “[email protected]” - the “.mx” is looking quite unusual.

This happened yesterday, but I could start eM Client, turn off the preview pane and delete the mail. I get about three such spam mails per day since a few days, I don’t even speak Spanish. My problem is that today the email is the very first one, so I cannot disable preview pane in order to delete it, I start eM Client, the mail gets loaded and eM Client hangs before I could do anything. What can I do to solve the problem?

In GMX web mail I can forward you the particular mail if you like.

eM Client 5.0.17595.0 from Feb. 18th 2013
Windows 8 x64

Thanks for your help,

Still happens with newly released eM Client 5.0.17918.0.

Send me the problematic mail at [email protected] - than kyou.

Hi George,

I have a new mail from the same sender that again lets eM Client freeze if preview pane is enabled. I tried to send it again to your address, but it came back as undeliverable.

eM Client 5.0.18661.0, Windows 8 x64.


please try to send that email to my address [email protected] together with this topic’s url.

with regards

Jan, I sent it Tuesday (8th) evening, have you received it?

Regards, Michael.

If you would aslo like to see “delayed Send” added to emClient, please vote for it here:


I am unable to find anything from that day with your name, or this topic’s url or name so I think it got lost on the way here :confused:

I would respond to you that day with confirmation of email receive anyway, so if it is possible for you please try to sending me it again.

with regards

Just sent it again (forwarded and in addition rerouted).

yes, I have received it now. I will respond to you over email lately.

with regards