eM Client 4.0 Release Candidate released

eM Client 4.0 Release Candidate

Download link: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v4.0.138…


  • Reworked support for GMail (brand new support for shared calendars and tasks).
  • Completely redesigned and much more usable notification popup windows.
  • New Outlook import does not need Outlook to be installed and allows import directly from PST files.
  • Server settings enable companies to customize multiple desktop clients centrally and easily.
  • Improved calendar design.

Other New Features

  • Outlook import now also supports import of settings, meeting attendees, free-busy.
    statuses, account passwords and much more.
  • Import of events, tasks and rules from Thunderbird/Lightning.
  • Import of accounts and contacts from Windows Mail.
  • Improved field detection in csv import.
  • Bing is now used for text translations instead of Google Translate (which is not free anymore).
  • Automatic import of holidays for your region.
  • You can now save a predefined subject for templates.
  • Automatic resizing of large images in email preview.
  • S/MIME certificates can now be loaded from Windows Certificate Store too.
  • Include entire domain option added to a communication and attachment history.
  • Calendar, task and contact folder can now be changed in item’s detail form.
  • Improved Clear formating function in editor
  • Widget settings can now be modified easily.
  • Quick zoom with ctrl+mouse wheel in calendar’s week and day view.


  • Several fixes in Thunderbird import
  • Fixed several bugs with multiple emails printing.
  • Several fixes for Download messages for offline use mode.
  • Several optimization for contacts and calendar folders loading.
  • Hundreds of other fixes and optimizations.


  • ‘Use the following aliases from linked account’ for Google no longer shows primary and calendar address.


  • Font in rule preview is wrong, the next button it missing a ‘t’:

What about upgrade ?
I have version 3.5 with licence Pro and it tells me “there is no update” when clicking in help >verify update

Already mentioned in the beta 4.0 post. Only public final release (Retail) build would push on to the automatic update system. Alpha, beta, RC (release candidate), public preview, etc, would not be available in the automatic update.

Ok. Sorry, I did not know what is a RC. :slight_smile:


  • After click on the image resize button and picture restore to 1:1, click on the resize button again will not result in image shrink/fit to screen.

Hello, could you please send us the email (as .eml) where the resize button doesn’t work? Please send it to [email protected].
Thanks in advance