eM Client 3 is finally here!

link: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v3.0.942…

New Features in version 3


  • Completely new user interface and look and feel.
  • Major speed improvement for most of the tasks.
  • Major reduction of error messages thanks to better online state detection.
  • Easy to use advanced search with autosuggestions.
  • Skype integration support for 64bit systems.
  • Full support for Google contacts synchronization.
  • Full support of Sync2eM service features.

User Interface

  • Left and right panel now behaves the exact same way.
  • Option to maximize or expand/collapse a particular box on both left and right panel.
  • A brand new sidebar.
  • Displaying more information in communication and attachment history.
  • Communication and attachment history now reflects changes immediately.
  • Many new drag’n’drop and clipboard operations scenarios.
  • Improved several tab/shift+tab scenarios for moving between elements of user interface.
  • Faster letter lookup in all lists.


  • Support for user-defined saved search folders.
  • Smarter autosuggestions (for inserting recipients).
  • Download selected messages feature for IMAP based accounts.
  • Predefined actions for opening attachments depending on file extensions
  • General setting for quick change of sort order in all views.
  • Option “Display unsafe content in all messages” to prevent security warnings.
  • Add image as link function.
  • Save embedded images from incoming messages from the context menu of an image.
  • Save messages to draft even when there is no modification.
  • Support for printing multiple email messages at once.
  • Support for align text to block in message editor.
  • IDN support for email addresses.
  • Multiline CC and BCC fields when composing a message.
  • Copy column configuration to other folders function.
  • Proceed with sending when some of the recipients were not accepted.

Calendar and tasks

  • New To-Do box in sidebar.
  • Improved user interface of calendar.
  • Save active event when changing view.
  • Prefer selecting complete month in month view.
  • Improved scrolling in month view.

Instant Messaging

  • Improved detached mode for Instant Messaging contact list.
  • Improved several reconnecting/disconnecting issues.


  • Support for advanced logging (database, IMAP, CalDAV, XMPP, Outlook import).
  • Outlook import now supports contact avatars and a few other new items.
  • Support for import of messages from MBOX format.
  • Support for import of accounts from MS Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail.
  • Setting for enabling/disabling notifications when the main window is active.


  • Fixed occasional issue with dummy messages appearing while deleting messages.
  • Fixed several issues with incorrect fonts when composing messages.
  • Fixed crash when forwarding messages in offline mode.
  • Fix for changing size of a dialog window when opening a new message.
  • Fixed sending emails to distribution lists.
  • Fix for BCC addresses dissapearing when reopening draft.
  • Major speed-up of setting categories for any item.
  • Several fixes and improvements in IMIP/ITIP.
  • Many other fixes.

Well, despite my continuing high hopes, I (who have bought a copy of eM Client) must consider my registration fee a gift to the developers to help support future development. On my PCs (office and home; very different configs but both Windows XP SP3), eM Client simply does not work.

For example, it does not retain window size settings; each time it opens to its original size, despite my resetting the window size. It never checks for messages on launch, despite my having checked the option to do so. It never shuts down properly; after choosing “File” then “Exit” and quitting, when I launch it it always does a database check after displaying a message that it wasn’t shut down properly. It never checks for mail until I have clicked the “Send and receive all” a few times, and then only after a delay of several minutes. It fails to download images in messages, despite all of my settings tweaks. It doesn’t download all of my messages.

It is very frustrating because it is an extremely handsome interface, and appears to be very usable. But for me, it isn’t. I have used PocoMail, Pegasus, Thunderbird, The Bat, OperaMail, many iterations of Eudora, AOL, Mulberry, FoxMail, Incredimail, Becky, Outlook, Courier, and possibly others I can’t recall. For one reason or another, I didn’t like them and keep looking. Still, they all *worked.* Now I’ve tried eM Client; it’s the best-looking of the bunch, but, alas, it simply doesn’t work. Too bad.

Tech support (I’m a paying customer) has been great (fast and responsive), but it just hasn’t availed me. I’ll come back in a few months – maybe even a few weeks. I just can’t invest the time any more to get it to work.

Just installed 3.0.9422 and now the left pane no longer remembers my layout…always reverts to only showing Mail. Am I missing something?

After downloading version 3.0.9422 I began having crashes when trying to open Local folders.There is never an error code,eMclient just closes when opening a local folder.Database checks fine when restarting eMclient.The problem came and went on a daily basis.I downloaded version 3.0.9543.0 about 2 weeks ago and now the crashes are worse than ever.I have one folder that I can’t open at all.

I am also having the same issue. EmClient will not download all messages. I believe it has downloaded the headers for every message but some still do not have any body and have an option to mark for download. I can check this box and the message will download but I do not want to do this for every un-downloaded message. I would be here for hours check these boxes.

Do you have many mails and subfolders under Local Folders? Doesn’t it display any error message at all (even Windows) ? If so, we are investigating the issue and try to fix it in one of the next updates.

We would appreciate if you send us eM Client logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check IMAP (if it’s IMAP account, otherwise check Network communication). Then simulate the issue, restart eM Client and send us the logs using the same logging settings window.

I have many subfolders containing many emails.No error message-just closes eMclient.I thought the problem had been fixed,but I had another incident about 4 days ago.
On a separate note,I am unable to access my Pop3 mail since this morning.eMclient doesn’t like my login and password when I “send and receive”.I can log in without a problem from the web site.I haved restarted eMclient and Windows.