eM Client 3 beta is here!!!

Public beta version is finally here.
You can download it here:

Features summary


  • Completely new user interface and look and feel.
  • Major speed improvement for most of the tasks.
  • Major reduction of error messages thanks to better online state detection.
  • Easy to use advanced search with autosuggestions.
  • Skype integration support for 64bit systems.
  • Full support for Google contacts synchronization.
  • Full support of Sync2eM service features.

User Interface

  • Left and right panel now behaves the exact same way.
  • Option to maximize or expand/collapse a particular box on both left and right panel.
  • A brand new sidebar.
  • Displaying more information in communication and attachment history.
  • Communication and attachment history now reflects changes immediately.
  • Many new drag’n’drop and clipboard operations scenarios.
  • Improved several tab/shift+tab scenarios for moving between elements of user interface.
  • Faster letter lookup in all lists.


  • Support for user-defined saved search folders.
  • Smarter autosuggestions (for inserting recipients).
  • Download selected messages feature for IMAP based accounts.
  • Predefined actions for opening attachments depending on file extensions
  • General setting for quick change of sort order in all views.
  • Option “Display unsafe content in all messages” to prevent security warnings.
  • Add image as link function.
  • Save embedded images from incoming messages from the context menu of an image.
  • Save messages to draft even when there is no modification.
  • Support for printing multiple email messages at once.
  • Support for align text to block in message editor.
  • IDN support for email addresses.
  • Multiline CC and BCC fields when composing a message.
  • Copy column configuration to other folders function.
  • Proceed with sending when some of the recipients were not accepted.

Calendar and tasks

  • New To-Do box in sidebar.
  • Improved user interface of calendar.
  • Save active event when changing view.
  • Prefer selecting complete month in month view.
  • Improved scrolling in month view.

Instant Messaging

  • Improved detached mode for Instant Messaging contact list.
  • Improved several reconnecting/disconnecting issues.


  • Support for advanced logging (database, IMAP, CalDAV, XMPP, Outlook import).
  • Outlook import now supports contact avatars and a few other new items.
  • Support for import of messages from MBOX format.
  • Support for import of accounts from MS Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail.
  • Setting for enabling/disabling notifications when the main window is active.


  • Fixed occasional issue with dummy messages appearing while deleting messages.
  • Fixed several issues with incorrect fonts when composing messages.
  • Fixed crash when forwarding messages in offline mode.
  • Fix for changing size of a dialog window when opening a new message.
  • Fixed sending emails to distribution lists.
  • Fix for BCC addresses dissapearing when reopening draft.
  • Major speed-up of setting categories for any item.
  • Several fixes and improvements in IMIP/ITIP.
  • Many other fixes.

This version is quite stable and final release won’t be very different. However some issues may emerge as it is still only a beta version.
Any suggestions or ideas will be highly appreciated.

Estimated date of final release is February 18th…

For us mobile users the ability to set up and save multiple smtp mail server separate from the incoming POP or IMAP server would be great. This would work like the Thunderbird e-mail client.
When I move from client to client I can use their wireless but with eM-client changing smtp servers means I have to modify my mail account instead of just selecting an already saved smtp server from the list.

SMTP still fails on Verizon.
Same settings work on Outlook, Thunderbird, KomaMail, and any other client I’ve tried.
I hoped this would be fixed in version 3!

We need to get the communication logs that will show us where exactly problems happen. Here are the instruction on how to get them:

  1. Create directory “C:\Temp”
  2. Download the MailClient.exe.config.zip file from http://www.emclient.com/tools/System… and extract it into eM Client directory (“C:\Program Files\eM Client” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client” depending on your system)
  3. Run eM Client, it will create the log file in C:\Temp\eMClientTrace.log

Please follow the steps above and send us the eMClientTrace.log file. All your privacy will be preserved. The address is [email protected].

OK, sent you my log file.

I still miss an opportunity, notes / memo to store each message.
Or edit the received messages.
If this option is given, I will emClient Buy now!

Have you made it so Calendar reminders can be set earlier than 2 days prior? (And yes, I know Tasks can be set that way; I’m not asking about those.)
I realize you got that 2 day thing from Outlook, but it has no clear correlation to reality. (Really, there’s no event that requires more than 2 days notice? Because I can think of hundreds–conferences, weddings, etc.)

Yes, now reminder can be set up to 2 days. In version 3.1 there will be longer period.

How do Communications History & Contacts link to email messages?

Communication History appears to be linked to a Contacts email address and seems to be case sensitive.

I have received emails where, for some unknown reason, the case of senders email address has changed. Now the email address that is stored with the Contact doesn’t match the email address in the message. This results in multiple groups for the same person when grouping by “From” field and items not showing in the Communication History due to the case difference.

Any chance of making this linking feature ignore case so this doesn’t happen?

I’m currently evaluating eM Client as a replacement for MS Outlook at my company and certain it will become our default email package!



It seems the Global Inbox is no longer showing (1) all of my accounts or (2) e-mails as they arrive (which do show in the specific account’s folder).

This will be fixed in the final build.

When is the new release date and what improvement or fixes have your team addressed?
SMTP problems, unable to authenticate occasionally, IMAP delay etc.

Milos, Thanks for the response. So when will 3.1 be out, and what sort of longer periods will be available for calendar notifications?

Version 3.1 will be out in couple of months. But maybe this change will be included in the one of the patches (in this case it would be sooner). Particular ranges are under consideration. What would you suggest?

What happens to a stable version 3.0? Now we are talking about version 3.1!

Hi Michal, Any updates to release date?

In version 3.0 will be maximum period 2 days. Longer period will be added in version 3.1 or as I said in the patch to the version 3.0. Is it clear now?

Final version of 3.0 is here:

Thank you. Why the website still showing version 3.0 as Beta and Current version: 2.7.8313.0