eM Client 3.0 for Andriod

I did look for eM Client 3.0 in the android marketplace but could not find it. http://www.emclient.com/blogpost.aspx…

your software has given me a propper link between email and calendar with my Nexus andriod phone. What would be cool is a task list. There is one inside eM Client on windows, but there is no app on the andriod phone that I can tell.

Is this eM Client 3.0 for Android the solution. I would buy it if it was.

We offer Sync2eM service that allows synchronization of your tasks from your eM Client to your android phone. You will need to find some fine task application on your android for yourself and set it up to work with Sync2eM service.

so there is no plans to link to google’s taks list like you do with the email, and calendar?

We will support google tasks instantly when google corrects their API for connecting to the tasks so we hope it will be very soon.

Hello, what is current situation concerning the synchronization between amclient and google tasks? We realy need this function. Otherwise eMClient works perfectly with google. Many thanx, Tomas (Brno, Czech Republic)

You need to direct this question to Google. As Google never has API for Task put up for sync externally. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p…

Yes, we are waiting for them and they don’t give ETA.

I am trying sync2em, but none of the task programs on android will sync with other than a google account. What android app are we supposed to be using?