em cient 7 cannot change font and font size

hi !

writing/editing mails i cannot change font an fontsize – trying to set another font or size shows no other than the standard font an size - there is no possibility to change and selection window closes without any further action - but i can/could change colors…

format of my mails is HTML - an version of em-client is   7.026687.0  within win10 (1607)

thanks for hints to solve that problem


It is the same with version 7.1. I was not able to change the font size. Although the options -> mail -> compose contain a size of 10 the mail sent has got a size of 12 and a different font!

Are you also using templates Doll?

yes, I am using predefined text blocks when composing a new email

If you disable the template, is the text then at 10pt as expected?

Right. After disabling the templates the font is the selected one.

So then the template is overriding the default setting. You could change the font size in the template, or disable the template.

Gary, sorry, your conclusion is wrong. The font size in the template does not have any effect on the message body. 

Yes it does because it is changing your 10pt setting to 12pt. To test it create a new template. You don’t need to enter anything in the template except change the font.

The click on OK. Assign that as the default template and start a new message. You will see that the font is now what is in the template irrespective of what you have in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose. Go to settings and change the font to something else. Then start a new message and you will see that you have the font from the template not the settings, because the template always overwrites the default settings. Changing the default settings does not change the template. 

When you start a new template, it will initially pick up the current default settings, but you can always change that in the template later. So your template was probably created when the default settings were still 12pt. You simply need to select the areas in the template where you are going to type and change the font.