eM and Yahoo mail

Will eM work with Sky Yahoo mail or will it be blocked for " security reasons " and or not being up to date.


eM Client is a fully up-to-date email client. It works just fine with Yahoo! (when Yahoo! is working).

So far so good eM seems to be working fine with Sky Yahoo and GMail. Yahoo’s site provides a list of programmes and clients it does not support claiming it will not work with them. While eM is not mentioned in their black list neither is it mentioned in their white list. therefore it is bundled into their " other clients / programme " list also stated to not work with Yahoo. Hopefully eM will continue to work and though its early days to date I have found it to be a very good easy to use programme.
I am very surprised that its user reviewers are so divided on its qualities.


you can bring me where I can find this black and white Yahoo list?

Hi this is one link with some info. A search for Yahoo Mail and email clients will provide more

thank you hitbit

Hi All.
So I have been using eM for some time now and it is working fine with Sky’s Yahoo Mail. Thank you eM.


I have been using eM with Sky Yahoo mail since December 2018. Normally it has been fine but there have been occasioinal glitches. One was last November when Sky emailed users about lack of compatibility with older mail clients. This was resolved using the 16 digit password generator on Sky. The latest issue started 2 weeks ago when the error message “value was either too large or too small for a uint32” appearing regularly. This last week I checked on Em’s website and saw an article referring to this error being caused by a Microsoft update along with a link to a fix from eM. I installed the fix but the immediate result was that I can no longer receive Sky Yahoo emails now in eM. My google mail account still send/receives fine.
I have attempted several new 16 digit passwords but none work. I have used the “diagnose” option within eM and sometimes the result is “OK” and sometimes there is a problem which when using the “fix” option is resolved according to eM. However in all cases I still cannot receive emails from sky yahoo. Just to be clear, I could send/receive OK immediately before installing the fix, but not immeditely afterwards.
Anyone have any sugeestions apart from dumping Sky yahoo?

I am still ok at the moment both Sky Yahoo and gmail working fine. Ultimately we may have to seek alternatives to Sky Yahoo mail as Yahoo are hell bent on spying on our systems and do not want mail clients in their way. I unsubscribed from Sky’s Community forum because of their smart arsed " well you don’t have to use Sky mail, Too thick to realize that I would ditch all my Sky products, TV,Broadband and Phone if I have to move. Such as Virgin Ireland also offer email services.