eM 7: new emails aren't clear in existing conversation

I just upgraded to eM 7 and when a new email appears in an existing conversation, I don’t see it. The entire conversation is marked as “read” so it is not clear when a new email is added. This has caused me to miss some emails already on the first day of using eM 7. Any suggestions for making the new emails more obvious? Ideally, the entire thread should appear as “unread” if a new unread message is added to it, and it should get moved up to the top of my inbox.

Hello Texan,
the whole conversation does change to Unread when a new message arrives. Are you sure you haven’t read the message on a different device or that the interval for marking a message as Read isn’t set too short?
As for the moving up to the top of the inbox, the conversation moves up according to the last received message, if you sort your messages by Received date/time. You can change this setting to Icon if you want to sort by Unread messages first.


Thanks Olivia, I didn’t know I could change the interval for marking a new message as read. Thanks for the tip!