eM "5 Days until end of eval period" Pop-up has locked up eM Client totally

eM so far not “that” impressed with eM Client. Just into 25th day of evaluation with intentions of buying the professional license, then today your “5 days until end of evaluation period” pop up populated, and the eM Client is totally locked up. I can not do anything.
I am a little perturbed at the moment

After approximately 1 hour the pop up could be moved and the client is again useable.

I take the above back, the program eM Client is still locked up. I can not “buy now” or X out the pop up.

Hi Tom,
can you please screenshot the pop up for me? You should be able to just close this one until the DEMO ends completely.
Is the program just Offline or did it freeze completely? If its the second one, please download this utility and run it when eM Client freezes. Send the logs to [email protected] with a link to this Forum topic.