Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten

Seit einigen Tagen erhalte ich folgende Fehlermeldung beim aktualisieren des Termineintrages in einem Exchange Konto:

Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten:
Das geänderte Serienelement überkreuzt oder überschneidet sich mit benachbarten Serienelement.

Mit Outlook geht es bestens, aber mit eM Client kann ich keine Serienelmente ändern!


I’m sorry but we only provide support on the forums in English. Can you please specify your problem in English?


Ok, I try to translate it in to English

An error has occurred:
The revised recurring element crosses or overlaps with neighboring recurring element.

With Outlook it is doing very well , but with eMClient I can not change any series element ! Exchange account.

eM Client Version 6.0.24928.0

Here as well, that wrong behavior is still remaining. In eMClient I cannot change series Elements! eM Client must communicate with an Exchange Email!

eM Client Version is 7.0.26567.0

I wouldn’t have answered to this post, if you had reacted to the OP’s Englsih version in a timely manner or at all. On your web page, where you want to sell to German customers you make no mention that you must write in English to qualify for support:

in case you need a translation, try this:

I have followed this forum (as a pro customer) for months and have not seen any substantial support effort from your side for at least 6 weeks (even though you pronise on your web site “our support enineers reply to customer requests every day”).
For all the reported bugs, there has not been a newer release than July, 27th.
I ask myself if there is anybody working at your operation full time at all? (except in sales and marketing of course).

Even I have bought a lifetime license!

As a liftime licensee you could ask your question directly to their priority support.

If you are an owner of a PRO license, you can always use our ticket based support system available to all PRO licensees, where you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours (although usually much less) during workdays. 

Oh, where is then this priority support? Is there a link?

Sure, it’s available here: http://support.emclient.com/ 

To log in, use the credentials provided to you in the email where you also received your license key.

I prefer to have everything out in the open. I don’t believe in the individual approach. It only helps to keep things under wraps. Lessens the pressure. The opposite works: United we stand, divided we Fall!