Effect of Opening then Editing Recurring Meetings From The Alert Window

When eM Client alerts me to a scheduled meeting I occasionally find it necessary to change the time of that particular meeting. When I do this for recurring meetings all meetings in the series are changed as well.

The problem can be replicated as follows;

When alerted to a recurring meeting, open the meeting from the Alerts dialogue window (Meeting alert appeared, selected “Open” to edit meeting time). Change the meeting time and save the record. Notice that you’re not presented with an option to save your changes to only the current meeting or to all occurrences - there isn’t an option to save my change to all occurrences in the series or only to the occurrence the Alert was advising of.

I’m using eM Client 6.0.20025.0

when you’re notified about an upcoming event (even a recurrent one), the reminder window should show up.
If you want to change something to the series or just this particular occurrence you should be able to either double click the item or click the “open item” button.
A second window should appear asking if you want to edit the occurrence or the series.

Does it not do that?


Sorry for the delay; been away for a couple of weeks.

A reminder window showing the appointment does open. If I use the open button or double click on the reminder it opens the appointment. Unlike editing an appointment from the calendar, a second window asking if I want to edit the occurrence or the series does not show up.

Hi, I understand your issue now. However I agree this might a bit misleading, but since the reminder is setup for the upcoming event (first upcoming from the series), we believe it’s best to keep it this way, since if you want to edit the event that’s being reminded at the moment.

But I can see why this might be an issue for you, if you believe it would be better to add the second popup, you can make an “Idea” topic and let other users vote for the feature, that way we might add it to future releases.

I hope you understand,
thank you for pointing this out,

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll add my issue to the “Ideas” topic list.