Editing Email Blacklist

I’m afraid I’m getting to the stage where I feel inclined to find another email application.
The email blacklist contains several people from my contact list, don’t know how they got there but I need to edit it.
It isn’t in any order and searching produces nothing nor does clicking on the list and pressing the fist letter of the name - it just doesn’t follow Windows conventions at all.
Can anybody tell me how to find and delete an entry please?
One of the first requests to eM Client was to automatically whitelist contacts like pretty well every other email application but it has never been implemented.

Once you locate the blacklist entry, select it and click the trashcan icon (Delete), then click “Save and Close” button

Many thanks sunriseal but how do I find it, the list is not in order and the search function doesn’t take me to the entry.

Well, until eMC decides to sort the entries you will have to scroll through the list. If there is any other way I am sure the other volunteers will join in.

That is because eM Client does not have any spam detection ability, so no need for a whitelist.

But, if there was a whitelist, and you add the contact to both the whitelist and blacklist, what would you hope the result would be? Do we follow your explicit instruction to move the message, or do we follow your other instruction not no move the message?

Bit confused by this, eM Client has both a blacklist and a whitelist although I don’t know which has priority.

eM Client doesn’t have a whitelist for this purpose.

The question is theoretical. If there was, and you create the 2 Rules, one to move an item to Junk, and one to move it back to Inbox, the result would be an endless loop.

Rather, use a Rule if you want to move, or don’t add the sender to the Rule if you don’t want to move it.

Gary - sorry still don’t understand this, I am on version 8.2.1659 (845a639) which has both blacklist and whitelist.

I need some help in finding an entry on the blacklist which isn’t alphabetical and doesn’t follow the Windows convention in scrolling to an entry beginning with a specific letter when I press the letter key.

eM Client doesn’t have a whitelist for this, sorry.

To remove an address you previously added to the Blacklist Rule, go to Menu > Rules and open the Blacklist Rule. Addresses and domains are listed in the order you added them, so scroll through the list, find the address and remove it as @sunriseal suggested.