Editing Distribution Lists

How can I add email addresses to a distribution list? Adding email addresses one at a time is too inconvenient.

When you create a new distribution list (or edit an existing one), click on the “+ Add Member” and select either “From address book” or “From contact email”.  A “Select Contact” box will appear with contacts listed.  Simply check the boxes to the left of the contact name for any individuals you wish to add.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. That is an extremely tedious way to create a distribution list. I want to create them from a file of email addresses. I also didn’t see how I could send an email to a distribution list. Is there documentation for emclient?

I don’t believe there is a way to import a distribution list-- but I’m not positive as I have never tried.

A distribution list is just like any other contact-- enter the name of the list in the To: section (or cc: or bcc:)

There are a couple of ways to avoid entering all the data from the file list manually:

  1. You can import the file as individual contacts, preferably into a separate contacts folder. Then you can select all the contacts and create a distribution list.

  2. A distribution list can be exported as a vCard. You can then edit it by inserting the data from the file list.

In the Contacts tab in eM Client you can select the contacts you want, then by right-click create a distribution list.

I don’t understand exactly how to do # 1. And you say you’ve never done it?

I suggest that you purchase Eudora’s source code and build on it. It is a great program!

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eM Client is not a clone of some other email client. If you are happy with Eudora’s implementation, then you should use it. :wink:

To import from a file of addresses, it depends what format the file is in. If it is a csv, then it is really simple to import the contacts using Menu > File > Import > Contacts as comma separated values. If it is not a csv, it can quite easily bee converted to one.

I guess it comes down to if it is going to be quicker to manually add the addresses to the distribution list, or if spending a few minutes altering the file is going to be quicker. Personally, I always prefer to use the existing data as that reduces the risk of errors.

I find the program not useful. It is cumbersome to use, and not well documented. I learned programming the the “user-friendly” era. You need a better beta-tester. You needn’t be a clone of Eudora, but you could still learn something from it in its clarity and ease of use.

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You are certainly entitled to your opinion Mike, but I think you may be outnumbered.

What exactly do you find “not useful” and “cumbersome”?

The help file (F1) is very useful, and is continuously being updated. The knowledge-base on the website is also currently undergoing some improvement.

I need a client that can create a distribution (mailing list) file in a few seconds, since I have thousands of email addresses. I couldn’t figure out how to do that, and gave up. Perhaps the help file would explain it, but I didn’t see that. Eudora is easy to use even without looking at the help file.

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The quickest way to create a distribution list is to go to the Contacts tab in eM Client, select the contacts and right-click selecting Create Distribution List. Just takes a few seconds. It is also extremely useful because you can filter the contacts first, then select all and right-click. I don’t think that you will find a quicker method in other clients.

The Help File does explain the method that Jay used above. You will find it under Features > Email > Distribution Lists.

Doesn’t that require selecting contacts one at a time? When I have 100 contacts in a distribution list (and dozens of lists), that is impractical. In Eudora, I can paste all 100 email addresses into the list in a couple of seconds. Try it.

If you have a distribution list with 100 contacts, and you want to send a message to that list, you just select the list where you would normally select a contact. There is no pasting necessary. Less than a second to get that done.

How do I create that distribution list from a .txt file containing 100 email addresses? That is what I’m starting with.

Assuming the text file has one address per line, and nothing else, you can import the list into contacts.

Create a new contact folder.

Go to Menu > File > Import > Contacts as comma separated values (csv). Browse to the location of your text file. Change the file type to all files, and then select your text file.

Select the new contact folder as the destination.

In the next window, click on the unknown column title and change it to Email.

You will now have your text file list in eM Client as a folder of contacts.

Go to the folder and use Ctrl + A to select all the contacts, and right-click to create a distribution list.

Now any time you want to use the distribution list, type its name where you usually type in the receiver’s email address.

You need to post some videos and instructions on creating, renaming, and adding members to Distribution Lists. I get duplicate distribution lists with same name when sending out emails. I add new contacts to existing Distribution lists, and they do not appear when I send the group list out in an email. This process needs some real serious user testing and documentation online. Ralph Remick

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You are quoting me from years ago, when version 7 was in use. :wink:

The Documentation for version 9 is different. You will find it under Features > Contacts > Distribution List. Or just use the search box in the Documentation. It describes how to create a distribution list, how to edit it to add and remove addresses, as well as how to use it.

But if you have duplicate lists, that might explain why a contact doesn’t appear when you use a list - maybe you are selecting the wrong list and the contact was added to the other one. I suggest you start by removing the duplicate lists or rename them if they are for different uses. Name the list with something more descriptive so it is clear what the list is for. Then when you send to a group, make sure you choose the correct distribution list for that purpose.

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