editing attachements


It would be nice to edit and save attachements easily.
Now it is necessary to save and reattach tre document.

Thank you

I agree. Has there been any further consideration of this? I frequently need to forward a message containing a Word document attachment, adding new edits to the document. This works fine in Outlook, but when I try it in eM, the attachment is opened as read-only. I can understand opening a received message attachment as read-only, but if the message is a draft, it should be able to be opened for editing.

Would also be useful for editing of messages in the Google Apps / Gmail  NOTES folder. This folder used to Sync with my Notes in Outlook 2013 I have a lot of important info in here, I use it as my ‘little black book’.  I use Google Apps, with IMAP setup in eMclient now.  I can read messages in the NOTES mail folder in eMclient, but I can cannot edit them.
Any suggestions ?