Edit subject, content and date/time of any email

There are already other requests for the ability to change just the subject, or just the headers, or attachments, but this request is for the ability to modify any email.

The use case is this:

I use my email client to record all correspondence with clients so it is all in one place. My mobile phone can convert text messages and call logs to emails, but it would be handy if I could add some notes to the call log email instead of having to create a new draft email and move it into the right folder.

If I make or receive a phone call on my landline I also want to be able to create a draft email directly in the appropriate folder to make a note of that phone call. It is important that I am able to set its date/time and that it is not automatically updated to the current date/time if I come back and modify it later.

In Outlook Express I had to create a draft, save it, then move it from the drafts folder to the appropriate folder. If I did it straight after a phone call the date/time was approximately correct which was close enough.

If I receive a letter I also want to be able to scan it and store it as an attachment in the appropriate email folder. In this case it is especially important to be able to set the date/time.

If I want to set the date/time at the moment I would have to create a draft, drag it onto my desktop, use a text editor to modify the date/time, drag that into the appropriate email folder, and delete the original draft. Not a very efficient process.

There have been previous comments from staff that some of these features are in the pipeline. Can anyone give me an indication of whether all of this could be implemented, and when it might happen?



In 6th version you will be able to edit subject and attachments, rest of your request is not planned.

So this is partially planned, partially not planned.



I am also looking for this features. When do you plan to release this new version with editable subjects?



6th version is scheduled to be release in mid to late autumn.

best regards

In Outlook, you can edit any part of a message and this was a very valuable feature, especially when receiving more than one email from the same person with slightly different information. I could edit one message and then delete the other. This is the kind of feature I’d be looking for in eM Client. Please consider, as others have stated here, the ability to edit the message body. Thank you.

Hi Kendra, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this feature for future releases of eM Client.


Hi Paul,
When I receive an email in eM Client and I want to save that email in some other location on my computer, it only saves the email with the subject line and there is no date at the start of that subject line so I can’t go back and immediately see what date I received that email. I am wanting to save the email in the following way: ie: 2021-05-05-thesubjectline.eml - At the present point in time my emails will just save as: thesubjectline.eml Is there a setting I can change to ensure that the date will be included automatically at the beginning of the saved email? Cheers Woody

As regards, the ability to make quick local edits, this functionality exists as a thunderbird plugin. Can you incorporate this into emClient?

// Provide a mechanism for editing some parameters of a message in your local mailbox.
// ie change the message from/to/date or subject. Or even edit the message source.
// eg. thunderbird/addon/header-tools-lite/