Edit Mails and Print

Hey community
Hopefully I’m just too stupid and you can help me out (at least regarding my question…)
I used to use Outlook for many years and now decided to install EM as my standard mail app on my desktop.
From Outlook I was used to be able to edit mails before printing, i.e. deleting unneccessary lines, privacy info, pictures etc. BUT I can’t find any similar tool wihtin EM client…

Is this correct ?
Or would this be available in the PRO version (I’m using the free version et the moment).

And Outlook did recognize either German or English typing just after a few words and offered automatic spellchecker… 
On EM client I do have to change from German to English in the settings every time…?!

Would be great if there are some ideas to overcome this…
Thanks in advance
Take care
Michael from Bremen/Germany

The application is the same in this regard with either a Pro or Free License activated. 

There is no way to edit a received message without compromising it’s validity, except for the subject line. This is especially true with messages that have been digitally signed, where editing the message invalidates the signature. If it is just some text from the message you want to print, chose Print > Print Selection Only, or copy and paste into another application.

The spell checker will not change automatically, but you do not have to change this in settings. Simply right-click in the message body while you are composing a new message and select the desired spell check language. It will revert to the default for the next message you compose.

You can click Reply and change the content of the email before printing

Sure, if you want to print your reply. I thought that Michael wanted to print the received message.

Many thanks for your information !
My former Outlook was pretty old. Don’t know if on latest version editing is still possible.
Anyhow, Andi’s idea is great ! I just reply, edit (cut out ?!) what I don’t want to print (all history of this mail / answers every time) and than delete this reply.
Print selection as Gary said is not as good as the other way - for me !
Need to work with it, test it… It’s different.
Think I simply need to print less than before - better for me (costwise) and the environment…
Have a great weekend !
Thanks again

I was using Outlook 2016 and it was still possible to edit received messages. I really miss this functionality in the eM Client. I have used it to edit messages where the subject does not sufficiently reflect the content (e.g. mails containing only links or images) so that it is easier to find them later in a search.It would be great if this feature could be implemented in an upcoming update … :blush: