Edit highlight color for selected message

I am using the dark theme but need more contrast in the messages list regarding which item is selected. I have reviewed the posts about themes and want to customize this part of it. Can you please tell me which line I need to edit for this effect? Thank you!

Maybe your monitor needs to be calibrated. :wink:

In the Dark theme the message list has a grey background, while the selected message is much darker. It is not black but close and is certainly different.

But if you manage to change it, I would also be interested in which line it is.

The contrast is not that distinct because every other message is a different shade of gray, which your screenshot doesn’t appear to have.

I also have a visual impairment so contrast is super important as is reducing glare, thus my preference for dark schemes.

Ah, a screenshot says it all.

You are not using the default compact view, so the lines are in alternate colors.

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Lists and untick Use alternating colors.

Now only the selected message will have a darker background.

Hope that helps. :wink:

Thank you, it is good to know that is an option. But that makes it harder to distinguish between messages/skim. I’d still like to keep the alternating and change the selected color.