Edit existing account

I am moving from Office 365 Exchange to an iMap account. I’ve gone to Tools/Accounts. I do not see a way to edit my existing account.

In current beta you can apply your changes and press “save & close” – I do not remember, if there was a different behavior in V7 (if you use this).

I am using ver 7.2.40748.0
Where can I access the current Beta?

You cannot convert from one to the other. Just remove the Exchange account, then add the IMAP account using the Automatic Setup.

If IMAP is available on the server, eM Client should use for the setup. If it sets up the account as Exchange, then you will have to remove it again, and do it manually.

To do that, add a new account, but instead of using the Automatic Setup, use Mail > Other.

To find out more about setting up accounts manually, visit the Help File. It may use version 7 for menus and screenshots, but the process is the same even if you are testing the version 8 beta.

If your account is moving from one server to another, you will need to copy any messages you want to keep from the Exchange Folders to Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General. Once you have copied the messages, removed and setup the account again, you can move the messages from Local Folders to the IMAP folders.

It seems that you are suggesting that you can make changes to the existing account and then save it. But you can’t. You need to remove the Exchange account and add the IMAP account. You cannot change from one to the other.

@Gary is right: I overlooked that you want to switch from Exchange to IMAP. Within the same type of account you can directly edit.

In that case, I will lose all of email files. Correct? Is there a solution for this?

Look ath this: If you switch from one (phyisical) postbox to another – do you expect to find your previous mail in the new one?


  • Export your exchange emails and import them (preserves the true connection data, a.s.o.
  • Create your IMAP account and move your exchange e-mails into it before you remove your exchange account

If the account is on the same server, so just changing protocol from EWS to IMAP, you probably will not lose anything. Otherwise I already gave a solution that will work regardless. Just check after setting up the IMAP account. If the messages are there, just delete what you copied to the Local Folders.