"Edit as new message" feature

I’m testing whether I can migrate from Thunderbird as it’s getting slow (I have many emails). One feature TB has that I use often is the “Edit as new message”. You right click a message that you already sent or received and it makes  anew message out of it. it’s very useful when you want to send multiple identical emails that are independent.

I noticed Em Client does not have this feature. Would you please consider adding it in a future version?

If you intend to send the contents as a new mail, choose to forward it and edit before sending.

Sure, but that’s not the same thing. In TB the “Edit as new message” feature preserves everything, including all CC, Bcc etc fields, and does not mess with the message body at all. I just change the “To” address.

‘Forward as Original’ doesn’t mess with the message body but it won’t preserve any CC or BCC fields.

Hello Alex,

For now eM Client has the ‘Forward as Original’ option that was mentioned by Chris. We are currently not planning on adding the ‘Edit as new message’ option, choosing to focus on implementing completely new features.


2024, started using em client and seriously thinking of paying for it - no edit as new message option still? or am I missing it?

If it is a message you have received, right-click on the message and choose Forward > Forward as original.

If it is a message you have sent, and you want to keep the recipients, right-click on the message and choose Resend. Otherwise use Forward as original.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

“Edit as new message” feature