Easy way to delete an email?

I’m digging eM Client so far. Getting used to it’s ins and outs. One thing that’s kind of frustrating. Is there a way to delete an email WITHOUT opening it and then pressing DELETE or RIGHT CLICKING…going down to DELETE in the popup and then selecting it? I get a LOT of stuff that I can tell by the TITLE whether I want to open it or delete it. How about an easy way to delete it when I just hover over it in the left column? Or am I missing it and it’s super simple?

You can click on the message in the list, or ctrl + click to select several ones and then press delete. Could it be easier than this?

Totally! And I found that. But hover over and CLICK is a lot easier that click then hit delete. Plus when you click it starts loading it and all that. I know…sounds minor. Just thought I was missing it somehow cuz even crappy Microsoft Mail client has that in it.


Oh, apparently I am no longer up to date with regard to UI design. :slight_smile: Anyway, I agree that this is not a good reason to use Microsoft Mail.

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Oh I agree completely!!! No Microsoft Mail!!!