Easy access to mail by typing first letter NOT WORKING

I have emClient 7. When I sort my inbox mails alphabetically, I am unable to go to the mails by pressing the first letter (pressing ‘t’ on the key board to access mails whose names start with that letter). Any help?

Wow, no reply from tech support?  This is one of the things I like about Outlook, I can sort alphabetically and the press a letter and jump to that letter in the sorted list.  Is this functionality going to be added at all?

What version of eM Client are you using?

In the current version, when sorted by subject, pressing a letter does take you to the first subject beginning with that letter.

It similarly works when when sorted by sender and category.

Thx - 7.1.31849.0.  Yes, by subject works great.  By name is what is needed, for older emails one does not often remember the subject but can most always remember the name.  :smiley:

For instance, you know somebody sent you an email with a spreadhseet a few months ago and you need to find it.  What was the subject?  Ugh, cannot recall but I do know who sent that email!

When sorted by From, that will work.

Does not, unless I am doing it incorrectly?

-click on From at the top to get the sorting (this does of course work)
-click on one email in that list
-type the letter I wish to quick-jump to

Does not do anything.

Is there a setting or some other step I need to do?  tested in Smart Folders All Inboxes and each of my two Inboxes.

Don’t know what to say, except that for me it works with subject and sender.

Of course another option is the search function, which way created for this exact purpose. :slight_smile:

Hmm, is your version the same?

Sure, search might work but it is far easier and faster to sort by name and jump to that letter.  And the functionality is in Outlook which this is supposed to (hopefully) replace.

Yes, the same version. I tested it on both local and IMAP folders with default settings. It always works for me. It is just odd that it doesn’t work for you. That might be why nobody replied to Gururaj’s question.

While they may share some similar functions, I don’t know that eM Client claims to be a replacement for Outlook.

I figured out why this was not working.  When threaded conversations are enabled, the quick jump by name does not work.  Disabling threaded conversations allows the quick jump by name to work.


Because I view conversations in message detail only, I did not think about that. Sorry.