E-Mails not shown in "Sent" Folder

Hello all,
Some of my E-Mails, which are being sent with eM-Client do not appear in any of my Sent-Folder.
There is even the notification in my received E-Mail, saying that I replied to this message, and the receiver got it. It does not happen to all E-Mails, but roughly half.
I am using standard iCloud Server configuration, and have not changed any settings in eM Client. Latest version too.

Any help would be highly appreciated,


First, check if you have this setting enabled:

Also, it may be that the messages are part of conversations, and you are not seeing them. Disable conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable conversations, and see if the sent messages are there.

You can also search for missing messages. Maybe they are in another folder.

Thank you for your answer.
I have checked the settings and disabled conversations, but they still don´t show up.
Also, they aren´t in another folder.
It really seems that the Mails sent are alternately saved or not, with one being saved and the next one isn´t.
Very frustrating, as eM Client fits all my other needs perfectly.

I don’t have any experience with iCloud, so can’t comment on the reliability or configuration, but if you have a web interface for your iCloud email, can you login using that and see if the sent messages are there?

If they are, you could remove the iCloud account from eM Client, then add it again. Maybe that will make some difference.

I am having the same issue. The last email saved was 9th Jan since when I have had the latest update. Since I send very few, but needed copies of, emails this is especially irritating. This must be a glitch in the latest version.

Would eM client please sort this out?! The shortcomings of this email service are becoming terminal as far as I am concerned.

We are all just users here, so there is not much we can do.

If upgrading to the latest version in the Release History doesn’t help, and if you have a Pro License purchased within the past year, you can open a support ticket with eM Client. I am sure they will be able to help you further.

Hi Gary, thanks for yours. I know it is user a forum but they surely monitor it? Basic items such as this should not be happening.

It is a pretty poor programme and others have caught up with where they were 5 years ago while these niggles become more common place not less. I need it to function when I use it not have to sort their basic tech problems.

Have downloaded latest version and no change. The dates of the updates are 29/12 and yesterday. I was merely told that I was getting (or perhaps was offered and accepted) a new version. Then the problem started. It was after 29/12 but before yesterday.

I don’t agree, but you are entitled to your opinion. :mask:

Of course using it for personal use only as a Free License user, you have nothing to lose by changing to some other application that has the same features eM Client had 5 years ago, but less niggles.

I have not gotten this error message, and the messages can´t be sent now. This happended after I reset eM client and redid my account settings. Also, some receivers got some kind of formatting code instead of the actual mail.

Most email providers will not let you send from an address that is different from the one you use to login to their server. Go to your account settings and make sure that the email address and the login name are the same.


Those are the same, and have always been. That´s the weird thing, at first it worked except the dissapeared Mails in Sent, now nothing seems to work anymore.

I thought I would test Sent Items by closing my desktop where it is mainly used and opened my laptop which has it downloaded but not frequently used for sending email. That did have an email that I sent on 12th Jan listed in sent items - that is not listed in sent items on my desktop version. All post 9th Jan emails sent were sent on desktop. SO if there’s a problem why is it showing on the laptop version. Mystery only a tech co could create!

Also up comes this when I open up on laptop, where I am now.

Something v strange occurring.

Please open the menu Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “IMAP” under the problematic account. Restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send me the logs using the same logging settings window at wilson@emclient.com. Then I will be able to advise you further. Thank you.

@Ian_Campbell1 Maybe you are trying to send a file attachment that is eg: larger (than your ISP server allows (over the smtp limit) and its just stuck in a loop within EMC sending as your ISP won’t allow it.

Your error mentions error message “Message of 48.6MB is above server limit 34MB” which does sounds like its too large to send directly from EMC via your ISP SMTP Server.

eg: I use Gmail and i cannot send more than 25MB attachments at a time directly from email clients unless i first upload it to Google Drive and then attach the file from there (as a link).

No, I am not trying to send anything. And this comes up only my laptop not when I open eMC on my desktop. Sort of niggle I have lived with for months.

@Ian_Campbell1 Ok NP. Hopefully the loggs you send in will find the problem.

Ps I have seen on two occasions in EMC that type of similar error message happen.

The 1st time was where an oversized failed sent message (from sometime time in the past) was still sitting in the local folder outbox at the bottom left of EMC and randomly popping up a similar message.

The second time I saw that similar message was eg: where someone had dragged back a failed oversized sent email to the (draft folder) and was trying to sync to the IMAP server draft folder & just kept on popping up notices about server limits oversized.

In both cases I had to delete the old email completely and clear them from the trash and then close and reopen EMC to clear the errors.