E-mails disappear after being sent

I’ve been using EmClient for two years with two email accounts. When I send an email, it doesn’t appear in the emails sent. This started with my first email account and since yesterday it also happens with my second account. When I use my webmail, the emails sent via emclient do not appear, but if I try to send via webmail, the sent email appears in the outbox of emclient.
I use these accounts with thunderbird without this problem.
I checked if the missing mails were in other folders without success. I have no error message in the logs.
This problem appeared all of a sudden without updating emclient. I am using emclient 9.2.1577.
Hopefully you have a solution to my problem.

If this is with a Microsoft account, please see here.

Another possibility is that they are sent and the recipient gets the message, but the copy in Sent is not being created. Either that is a server error, or the server expects eM Client to create the message in the Sent folder. For the latter, there is an option in Menu > Accounts then the General tab for that account, which saves a copy in the Sent folder. The option is not available for all providers.

Otherwise, if the messages are not in Sent, they may not be sending and you will find them in the Local Folder Outbox awaiting upload to the server. If Local Folders are not visible below your other folders, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders. You will also find an SMTP error in Menu > Operations > Log tab that will give the reason they could not be sent.

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For me. The message sent is visible in Sent for 2 or 3 seconds and … disappear! Later, after some
minutes appear again for good.
And there is something more. Trying to download an attach takes a life time! All that is happent after update to 9.2 Now I am using 9.2.1577.


Same here for an AOL account. Gmail account works fine. Some sent not showing in sent but recipients are responding so it was received. Others disappear for a few seconds then show up to stay. This is after the latest update 9.2.2157. I did just have to reset my SMTP settings and thought everything was fixed. Can someone help?

Or to ‘Compose’ the email after you hit send.

I am new to eMclient … but these seem like basic things.