E-Mail search of version V7.1.33101.0 inconsistent!

Additionally to  the very slow search, searching for e-mails leads to different results depending e.g. to the part of e-mail adress you are searching for.

Having “name@domain.tld” the search “to:name” reveals more matches than the search for “to:domain”, which is nonsense because I definitly know that there are much more mails from there (what can be proofen by different “to:name” searches).

This is a HUGE PROBLEM because of this finding information relyable is nearly impossible.

  • I am using POP3 accounts only with archives for e-mails older than a year.
  • Intel i7-7700, 3.6GHz, 64GB ram, Win10x64 latest update
    Searching the forum for “search” reveales that there are several problems of this kind since years but It looks as if only half-hearted steps have been taken towards a solution.

My mood:

I have bought three Lifetime licenses, but I am getting closer to the conclusion that they probably die before me, because despite the advantages I still see in emClient e-mail is the core funtion and in the long run an unreliable e-mail tool is unsuitable for an “IT craftsman”.

(This entry was sent to the support, too.)

Pleasing fast reply from support regarding to the search thing:

There are search modifiers required for searching domain-parts. Instead of eg “to:domain” there is “to:*domain*” needed.

I tried shortly, seems to work.

I have to admit that I do not understand, why it partly works on some of the emails. This is (still) inconsistent, regardless to the given solution. Because of the fact, that it seemed to work, I had no reason for trying modifieres.

The speed thing is in progress.

This answer is somehow different as expected, nevertheless it brightens my mood.

Today is a very good day for my mood with emClient. A few minutes ago I received an e-mail from support asking me for trying a more current version (7.1.33506 - not up to me to offer the link…). What can I say: I am impressed. Search speed increased tremenduously, findings are much better with less effort.

I am really happy.

(7.1.33506 - not up to me to offer the link…)

Thanks anyway, the version number is all you need to build the link yourself.