e-mail preview of .jpg and .png attached files

Attached files like .png and .jpg (as an example) are only shown in a certain view but are not available in you’re open the e-mail by its own window. For better understanding see the screenshots below.

e-mail open in window, no preview available (see screenshot).

On the view “Messages on the bottom” the preview is available (see on the screenshot).

My questions to it:

  1. Why is the preview not available. Is this maybe a bug?
  2. Another example is if you have sent an e-mail to someone then you open it in a seperate window. You see the preview but not in the print preview (see screenshots).

Content view of an e-mail (attached files are being shown inline).

Print preview of an sent e-mail (pictures are being missed).

Hi Maurus, unfortunately no preview should be available when composing a message, image preview is only available for received messages or messages saved in one of your folders.

As to print preview, the print feature by default only prints the content of the email without attachments, you have to printout attachments separately.



That the image preview is only available on received and saved messages on my folders does make sense. My first thought on that was wrong, Sorry about that.

Here I found out a solution how to print out the attachment as well or I would say it’s more like a hidden feature. Take for example any saved or sent e-mail with attachments in it. Basically the attachments have to be either .jpg or .png. I didn’t tried out any other. Open the saved e-mail and mark some text (the text is marked if it’s blue). Then choose the print preview. On the print preview you will now see the attachments as well.

My question to it is:

  1. Why do I need to mark text that I can print out the attachments? I don’t think that’s really obvious and there I suggest to correct that issue in a next version.

Hi Maurus,

You can see a JPG/PNG image in an e-mail in it’s own window if you paste that image to the text of the e-mail. If you attach it, you won’t be able to see it.

Hi Maurus, I was unfortunately unable to replicate this issue, however I believe images should be included in the print preview if they are attached as inline images rather than attachments, if the image is not an inline image it will have to be printed separately, otherwise they should be included in print preview.



The following screenshots should explain what I mean.

Just going on the preview mode and selecting an e-mail so that the preview is showed on the bottom.

Then I open the print preview and I see the following print preview without the pics. Thats the normal case wich you described as well.

Now the other case you just select again an e-mail but now you also mark a little bit text within the e-mail. Doesn’t matter how much text you mark but you have to mark at least one character.

Then you open again the print preview. Do you notice the difference? Suddenly the attached files are also being put on the preview. And that only because I marked text. My question is now why do I have to mark text to get the previews? Why it’s not by default?

Second screenshot out of three of the print preview.

Third screenshot out of three of the print preview.

Thanks for the hint but have a look above and then you will see what I mean.

Hi Maurus, thank you for the more detailed step by step instruction, I’ve tried to reproduce multiple times, and was finally able to reproduce the issue, however I’m afraid this might be caused by system (IE) components.

I’ve reported the issue to the developers and we’ll be working on a fix for upcoming releases of eM Client.

Thank you,


Hi again, in the meantime I’ve been notified from one of our developers that this is currently an intended behavior for the current release, however will be resolved in an upcoming release.

Thank you for understanding,