e-mail account colors

I have two accounts and would like to mark the messages in the Inbox for each account in a different color (Account 1 red, Account 2 green) - would be nice to highlight the Account folder in same color. So, incoming mail would be highlighted in a different color in the Global InBox.

Can this be done (maybe with a Tag,etc.)? I don’t see any settings in the Accounts options.

I was able to do this in Outlook Express with a Message Rule - "if “To” Contained Account address 1, highlight in red; if “To” Contained Account Address 2, highlight in green.

I also can do this in Thunderbird with a Message Filter using a Tag or with an Add-on called “Account Colors.”


I am looking for the same thing. Seems you have to do it by a rule, as you did in Thunderbird

This thread post below from @Steve_Reeder might help you with rules & email account colours.


Extract thread quote from Steve Reeder.

Create a rule:

1). After message has been received
2). received using your email address
3). set categories newcategory

You can either show “category” in the column display of mail screens or under the “appearance → lists” settings, tick or untick “Use color of category as text color”

There you go… Simply to implement with the existing application. I have it set up for different colours already and it works a charm!!!

We also have account avatars for this purpose. They will show you in a unified folder like Unread, which accounts the messages belong to. If the grey stock avatars don’t offer sufficient definition, you can create your own.

So my Unread folder may look like this:

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