E M Current queries/disadvantages

Will this (4latest) allow me to setup one set of folders for multiple email addresses ?
Can it be set to optionally leave POP3 msgs on the server ?
I agree with another poster, the headings use too much space. With these darned newer wider monitors we are loosing height. I notice this morning Outlook with only 50 % space for msgs - crazy. Who wants all that header, menu etc etc. A modern OE would be VERY popular. I have Outlook 2010 on here also, maybe OK, but I still only use OE on XP for email. MS are a pain in the ass.

  1. Yes you can, you can setup new account folder or use the local inbox for any POP3 based account. IMAP however, would have their own, like most other client.

  2. EM does have the setting to leaving the mail on server, but some mail server has a max. validity period. Check this with your mail provider.

  3. Yeah, agreed. Some optimization can be done with mail header display.