e-Cliente 8

I downloaded and tested Version 8.
I noticed two problems:

  1. Power usage, CPU and very high memory, thus heating the notebook.
  2. I use the Portuguese language (Brazil) and noticed that part of the menu was translated normally and another part remains in English.
    I’m a fan of e-Client.

Beta versions are not complete applications and in this beta localization is one such instance that has still to be completed.

But rather than providing your feedback here, please send it to testing@emclient.com

Ok, but what can be done to the program does not heat up my notebook so much?

If it is a problem for you, report the issue to testing@emclient.com, then uninstall the beta version and download and install the last 7.2.x version from the Release History.

Noticed your reply to Idacil to uninstall the beta version and install the latest 7.2.x version. I know that works for non-beta but according to what I am reading in the email we received re: Beta, this is stated " Warning: eM Client 8 will update your database so it is highly recommended to back it up in case you’d like to switch back to eM Client 7 for any reason. Not sure how to back up your data? Watch our tutorial!".

I tried sending this as a PM but did not see a way to do that.

Yes, the 8 beta database will not work with any of the 7.2.x versions. After downgrading, just restore the backup made before upgrading to the beta. 

I wish that I had read this page before proceeding.
Today eM Client 8 (Beta) would not open. It wanted a password. I have never used a password for it. Thinking to revert to an earlier version, I installed version 7.2 over it which seemed to really mess it up. 

And then I found this:
2 weeks ago - Gary Curtin said, “After downgrading, just restore the backup made before upgrading to the beta.” That would be great if I have a backup copy or knew where to find it. Is it helpful that my mail syncs with other devices, including my wife’s PC?