Dynamic Links not working

Running>EM Client 7.0.26482
Win 10
FirFox> 47.0.1

Dynamic Links in receiived  E Mail will not open automatically in Firefox.
FireFox is set ot default browser.

Strange it worked when I had G MAil open in the browser Firefox.
Backed to not working.

E MClient set to run as administrator it works fine now.

Hello Dennis,
glad your issue was solved.
Next time I’d check the Windows’s Default programs under Control panel and check Firefox to see if it’s setup as default for all protocols.


Yes Firefox was set to default. I was not about to use Edge.
When setting up Win 10 there is a lot, I mean a lot of settings to change just in the privacy issues.
All is fine and I don’t remember having to ever set/use on any system eMClient as admin.