duration ofthe pro licesne

I tried to read through the post, but could not get the exact information on the duration of the pro license.

Hi Prakash.

I’m not sure what you don’t understand.
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Jay Ogram
There are 2 types of pro licenses, one for the current version and a lifetime.  If you bought a current version license in 2015 (which was before version 7), you will need to buy a new license for version 7.  As the name indicates, a lifetime license will always be valid for all versions.

So the current version is v7
When v8 comes out, you will be required to buy a new license,
probably at a discount for being a good customer.
unless you buy a lifetime license which doesn’t require an extra payment
for a new version.
eM Client does have promotions as wel at discounted prices.

When v8 will come out is hard to know - sometime next year I think
No definite date has been set.

I was offered an upgrade to “lifetime” for a reduced price. Sales department said that V8 was expected mid 2020. That is 4 years after the launch of V7.  The price for “Lifetime” is roughly twice the price for a simple upgrade. Beeing 69, I decided to stick with the normal upgrades, at 39 I would have jumped on the offer.
Just bear in mind, “Lifetime” means lifetime of the customer or of the company, whatever is shorter.

There is actuallly no time limit on the Pro license. You can use it as long as it still works with your provider(s). It never expires. The drawback is, that it will no longer be maintained after the new version comes out.

Simply put, a Pro License is valid only for a specific version and it does not expire. If you buy one now, it will be valid for versions 7.x ad infinitum. 

In addition, you can purchase a lifetime upgrade, which means the same license will be valid for the current and all future versions.

Thanks for the info

Since the lifetime upgrade was given. I wanted to be sure that the license which is bought will be lifetime.