duration of the license

on January 7, 2015 I bought a pro license for two users. I would like to know if it has a limited duration. having updated to version 7 now it turns out I’m using a demo version. indicate the purchase code


There are 2 types of pro licenses, one for the current version and a lifetime.  If you bought a current version license in 2015 (which was before version 7), you will need to buy a new license for version 7.  As the name indicates, a lifetime license will always be valid for all versions.

Is it possible to move a lifetime license to another computer? I a(n other) forum (did not find again, sorry) someone proclaimed, that the lifetime license is bound to the computer. Upgrading to new hardware would require a new license.

Yes you can move the license from one computer to another, you just can’t install it on more than one computer at a time.

Hm. I am thinking about to change from The Bat! to emClient. Bat pro allows to install on several computers, but use only one instance of it at a time.

This is a typical scenario: at home, i am using my desktop computer, on the road my laptop. Both with the same tools, but never the same at the same time.

Your answer implies, that this is not possible with emClient, am I right?

You can only activate a license on a single computer. If you activated the license on one computer, you would have to deactivate it there before you could activate it on another computer. So no, you cannot use a single license on more than one computer, even if only one instance of the application is running at a time.

If you are using eM Client for personal use, you can register one or more free licenses, so you could have the application installed simultaneously on other computers.

If you are using the application for business/commercial use, you will need to purchase an additional license for each computer. If you purchase more than one at a time, you can get a discount on the additional licenses.

Because I do need more than two accounts, a pro version is required. I may try to start with a single license and see, how comfortable I can switch between two machines by deactivating/activationg the license. This is not so often needed, so I’m a little reluctant to pay for an additional license fee for a second workstation.

I don’t know if there is a limit to how often you can deactivate/activate a license. You might want to try and contact them directly and ask.

Be aware that if you do not purchase the multiple licenses at the same time, there is no discount.

Hello NoSi,

Exactly as Jay and Gary said, Licences are not bound to single piece of HW and it is possible to activate and deactivate licences in our Licencemanager. However, it is made mostly for the cases of Hardware changes. Switching between two devices on a daily basis would be at least very uncomfortable and I would rather recommend purchasing of two licences at the same time as there is a significant discount on multiple-licences purchase.

For the purchase, please visit: http://www.emclient.com/purchase