Duplicates in calendar

Each calendar event I create in eM using the default calendar of
my-email-address/personal calendar/, after the first refresh of data to my
GoDaddy calendar, eM sprouts two more instances one in _my-email-address/inbox/_and one more in my-email-address/outbox/ calendars.  I’ve have deleted both the inbox and outbox calendars and they come back.  The duplicates are not showing in my web calendar in GoDaddy and they are not showing on my iPad which connects to this calendar thru GoDaddy.   I’ve checked the settings and can find nothing that would control this.  I of course can uncheck the option to show the in and out box calendars but I’m still getting duplicates in the agenda pane.  What’s going wrong here and how can I fix it?

Hi, can you maybe make a screenshot of this issue? What version of eM client are you using?
You could also try right clicking your calendar folder and select Properties > Repair, and click the Repair button if it solves the issue…

Thank you,

Habing the same issue with latest Version with my .ics share of the Zimbra calendar. Repair solves it but each “refresh” will add a duplication again.

Marc, you might want to check with the admin for the server and see if there is some issue.

You could also try connecting to a non-Zimbra ics and see if the same problem is there.