Duplicated sent emails

After MSN switched my Hotmail account to Outlook Mail my emClient  failed to connect and folder contents and contacts all disappeared.  I am feeling pretty good now having restored connectivity and imported all WLM contacts from my other computer.  Only one problem  which is that sent emails are duplicating though thankfully recipients only get one email.  I really do not know how to fix this glitch.  Solutions gratefully accepted.

Go to menu/tools/settings/mail/send and uncheck “Save copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder”.

Historic comments elsewhere stated that this resolved for Hotmail but also resulted in no copy being left at all on any other email account which I have.  However, I tried it as possibly there might have been a recent update to apply only to Hotmail.  But, no, one copy on Hotmail and none on my other account.  Thanks, anyway.

Yeah, unfortunately, they made this a global option.  If you have multiple accounts that handle sent items differently, it is a problem.  Making this an account based option should be a priority for emclient.