Duplicated files in database

When I was altering the location of the database I made an error, can’t remember what I did, but although the program works just fine and I now have the database setup in the location I want, I notice that there are seven files that appear to be duplicated.

mail_fti(1), mail_index(1), main(1), privacylists(1), taskdata(1), taskindex(1), timezones(1).

Is it OK to delete these files?


in the first place try to backup these files and then you can try to delete them. You could do this without backup but if you want to be 100% sure we recommend you to backup - I don’t know what did you do with your database location exactly and it’s possible your database is corrupted. Additionally, it’s good practice to backup your data in case your hard drive fails or a file becomes corrupt.

George Wilson
eM Client

Hi George

I managed to sort out the duplicates, but I can’t remember how! But I do backup my database daily now with Acronis.