Duplicated Emails


I’ve recently setup my eM Client and added multiple email accounts (Acct 1 and Acct2).

I am seeing emails clearly addressed to Acct 2 also (duplicate) appear in Acct 1, even though the “To” address is the Acct 2 address.

Can anyone help?

Should I remove any aliases associated with the accounts to prevent this?


Alias email addresses shouldn’t really cause that.

If these are IMAP, Exchange, iCloud accounts, go online to your webmail and see if these are both getting duplicate emails online.

If they are not getting duplicate emails via webmail in both accounts, then remove the accts from eM Client and re-add them as new.

Backup eM Client first via “Menu / Backup” incase you need to restore.

If you are getting duplicate emails online via webmail in both accounts, then contact your mail box server support to get that sorted.

Thanks. I got it sorted.

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We are currently experiencing the same problem since some of our employees have multiple email accounts. The only solution is removing and adding the account back. This is clearly remaining bug.