Duplicated addresses

When I open a new email and START to type in a certain name, two identical addresses are prompted; one has a ‘X’ at the right end, and one does not. In the two locations for Contact addresses that I know off - 1. from Menu;Tools and 2. from the ellipsis at the left bottom of the page, that address occurs only once. What is the significance of having an address prompted twice, and how can I reduce it to just one ?

The one with the X is from the Recipients History. Every time you send a message, the recipient address is recorded so that it can be recommended later. You can click the X to delete it from the Recipients History.

The other addresses come from your Contacts, and in 9.2 from messages in your Sent folder.

Yes, I was able to remove one by clicking on the X; that brought a second duplication into view; these two differ in their ‘avatars’ only - neither has an X, so can not be [easily] deleted. But I repeat that there is only one entry in each of the two previously mentioned locations. One location shows avatars, the the other does not. So I still have a duplicate I wish to delete, but now different from the duplicates that I made my post about.

If either the name or address is different, and if they have different avatars most likely the address is different, they will not be considered the same so listed twice as both match what you are typing in the TO field.

The addresses are clearly visible and identical; but you are right - the first names are spelled differently in the prompts (neither of which have an X for deletion), but only ONE version appears in both CONTACTS locations I specified.

All that mess concerns to new feature in ver.9.2 and mentioned in thread

Hopefuly, in next update will be new option: “Enable/Disable suggestions from Sent emails” which would solve this issue.


Thank you for alerting me to ‘saved recipients’ - I have ticked the box to clear them; and UNticked the box to save them. It does not solve my problem. If I send you a screenshot and blank out the ‘private’ bits, then you wont see the problem. Is there a way I can send you the screenshot without exposing it on the web ?