Duplicate Tasks on E-mail Flag

When I flag an e-mail on eM Client 5, a task is created (as it’s supposed to) but then it duplicate many times over and makes the task list unwieldy and relatively useless. Anyone else having this issue?

I’m currently using a gMail account with my eM client if that matters at all.

Does the mail which is duplicated in Agenda have any labels?

Yes and that is definitely the issue as each flagged message references a different label/folder.

Is there any solution for this?

Can you send one of the problematic emails saved in .eml directly to me? Thank you.
[email protected]


Also, when looking at a contact’s details the e-mail appears mutliple times as well under the different labels.

This also occurs in search and I imagine in every other application where an e-mail is referenced

The only solution is disable showing of “Starred” label in IMAP in Google settings. Hope it helps.

When I flag an e-mail on eM Client 5, I go into the smart folder and look in the flag folder there are three copies of each email

I went to settings in gmail and to labels and unchecked Show in Imap for important and starred

Please make this work. Otherwise there is no easy way to view all the flagged emails.