Duplicate new email

Whenever I click the New email action it opens 2 new emails, not just 1.  Help?

Hi Timothy, thank you for reporting this, we’re currently inspecting this issue as it has occurred to several users in the past few days.
I’ll keep you posted once I get more information about this issue or once an update resolving it is released.

Thank you,

I also have this problem.It started a few weeks ago and the latest update did not fix it.It doesn’t happen when I open a new Event.

Hi Sue, thank you for reporting this issue, we’ve just successfully replicated the issue with the “New > Mail” option and hopefully will be able to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Can you try to check if this issue occurs while trying to open a new message from the dropdown menu for New items?

Also what version of eM client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Paul-I’m running the latest free version 6.0.21040.0
I only know 2 ways to open a new message

  1. click the New header of the drop down menu
    2)click New and then Mail on the drop down menu
    Both give the duplicate result.I have noticed that sometimes the problem disappears for a while,but consistently returns.

Thank you for the confirmation Sue, this is the exact option where we’ve been able to replicate the issue, this was just to confirm you can replicate the issue.
We’re working on resolving the issue, I’ll keep you posted on a possible solution or once an update with a fix for this issue is released.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I thank you very much for your quick response!

No problem, please be patient and let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,