Duplicate messages in Smart Unread Folder

I have 2 gmail accounts on my eM Client. I was using Smart Unread Folders feature without problems for a while, but now it displays many copies of the same messages, as well as messages that have been marked as read in the inbox.
I believe the problem may have started when I selected the option to have messages available for offline use. Suggestions?

can also confirm duplicates when setting up search folders

Is your issue also connected to using availability of messages for offline use?

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Not sure what you mean. By default the messages weren’t downloaded so if my connection was down, I couldn’t access them. I ticked the download for offline use. And this started after that I think

I’m seeing the same issue (I think).  The same email appearing twice in the smart folder.  It does exist in two “labels” at gmail.  Of course it is correctly listed once only in the appropriate folder elsewhere.

I think the smart folders needs a “hide duplicates” sort of option if it doesn’t exist already.  When using a Gmail server, it can appear in several folders because they are “labels” and smart folders are not smart enough on my current setup to figure out it’s the same email in more than one “label” or IMAP folder.

Let me know if there is any way to correct or enhance this.  Happens to me fairly often in the Unread and Flagged folder.  I don’t exclusively use eM Client I also use the Gmail Web Interface.  I’m guessing it may not occur if I exclusively used eM Client, but that’s not an option for me.  Anyway I guess it’s not a bug, but a feature I dislike :slight_smile:

Hi Leigh, thank you for the suggestion I believe it might be possible to make a version that would ignore duplicates in smart folder, but as I said it’s really due to the labeling system, the smart folder is unable to detect a duplicate email when it’s really located in two folders, the IMAP protocol doesn’t quite support this behavior… Hopefully will see an improvement in the future…

Stan, I’m really sorry about ignoring your post, the topic must have gotten lost somewhere, are you still having issues with this?

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This still seems to be a problem, two years on.  It is particularly annoying when my Unread folder builds up a lot of unread emails that are duplicates of emails that have not only been read, but deleted.  There does not seem to be any work around that I can find?

indeed, there haven’t been many changes done to accommodate this specific behaviour of gmail (other than the workaround for not sending the special folders information through the IMAP synchronization) and it is not possible to make the change in the current version of eM client.
We have reworked the way we handle Gmail Labels for the upcoming version 7 (as seen on our blog here - http://www.emclient.com/blog/gmail-la…) and believe this will solve the duplicate problem as well.
Thank you for your patience.