Duplicate gmail sent items

This never occurred before. I re-installed eM Client after resetting my Windows.

I went to my Gmail account and replied to a message. It shows up once in my Gmail SENT items.

After installing eM Client, I see a duplicate email appearing in my FAVORITES folder which has a SENT items. Within it, there two identical emails are appearing within my ALL mail when looking at main eM Client screen.

I went and confirmed in Gmail (web version) that there is no sent items in my ALL mail folder.

I tried to disable the viewing option and untick to show All mail in Sent folder but that didn’t make any difference in eM Client…

When I go to my gmail profile in eM Client, only one email appears in my Sent folder as well.

For whatever reason, eM Client added a duplicate email.I deleted that gmail account and added it back, it made no difference.

Looks like this issue is resolved. I thought I deleted my gmail account, but no. So it was still appearing. Looking at the properties of the my old Gmail account all sorts of options were enabled:
Google Calendar
Google Contacts
Google Settings

I just kept IMAP and SMTP. I unticked the rest.

It’s odd, because none of my other Gmail accounts are affected.

Yes, the Favorites Sent folder is a unified folder showing and additional view of the same messages from the sent folders of all your accounts. It is just a single message showing in two places; once in the actual Sent folder, and once in the favorites filter.

In fact, you will find a third place to see the same message, and that is in the All Mail folder. But it is just one message. If you delete it in one of those views, it will disappear from all of them. SO just different ways to look at the same data.