Duplicate Flagged Messages

Hi - when I click on Smart Folders -> Flagged My flagged messages appear to be duplicated in the main window. Disclaimer : It could just be me being dumb. Thanks for your help!

This usually happens when you have set Gmail account. An email with multiple labels (Starred, Important) may be shown multiple times. Is this the case?

Yes - I have it as well, so what is the resolution to this?

Disable the Starred and Important messages showing in IMAP in Gmail settings.

Write a reply   Sorry for commenting on an old posting, hopefully someone will see this. By disabling starred and important messages in gmail am I disabling flags being available across muliple client? i.e. I have a laptop and desktop running the email client, would they suddenly not “see” each other’s flags?

Hi, the thing is Gmail handles these flags as “labels” thus has a special folder for these items, if you disable these labels you won’t see the folders, you should still be able to see flagged emails across email clients.
Using the labels you could see mail duplicates in All Mail folder since if the email is labeled it’s being handled as a different email basically.

I hope this is helpful.
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Thanks for this response, this was very helpful!

No problem, if you have any more issues or questions about the application, let us know!

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